Collaborative Drawing Event Design For Apple Today
Location: Caddebostan - İstanbul / Türkiye
Status: Actualised / 2022
Team: Atıl Aggündüz, Oğul Öztunç, Melodi Gülbaba, Burçe Gökhun

Project Description
Piknik has designed an immersive and interactive digital drawing experience that was showcased at the opening event of Apple's Istanbul Flagship Store located in Bağdat Caddesi, Kadıköy İstanbul. As the first artist/artist group to collaborate with Apple in the region of Turkey, Piknik's performance-like experience was a unique and innovative addition to the event. The interactive experience was centered around a series of questions posed by Piknik, which were answered by participants through their drawings on digital tablets. The aim of the experience was to create a comprehensive story of the moment and everyday life in the 21st century, using the participants' responses and reactions. The resulting artwork was a reflection of the diversity and creativity of the participants and showcased the power of collaboration and technology in art.
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