Ceneviz Apartments Book
Client: Ceneviz Gayrimenkul & Berkolon İnşaat
Architectural Design: Şanal Architects
Graphic Design: Okay Karadayılar

Renderings: Reşad Çoban

Piknik has been tasked to visualise and illustrate a real estate development project's promotion booklet. The project takes place in a historical part of İstanbul, therefore the floor plan trace is relatively small comparing to current development projects that are in the developing parts of the city. Considering the mainstream way of promoting real estate projects with its floor sizes, the main challange of this project was to find a way of visualising that focuses on the qualities of the daily life projected, rather than the square meter numbers of the rooms.
Piknik took this challange with courage of putting naive stories of everyday life on each apartment that is advertised in the booklet and using tracing paper prints, projected this stories to floorplans.