Artwork for Arçelik Headquarters
Location: Beyoglu - İstanbul / Türkiye
Size: 2x4 m.
Status: Applied / 2021
Project Team: Oğul Öztunç, Atıl Aggündüz, Burçe Gökhun
Application Team:
Emre Gürsoy

Project Description
Arçelik Futurezone is a cutting-edge illustrative artwork designed specifically for Arçelik, a leading producer of household appliances based in Turkey. This artwork represents the company's vision and strategy for the future of technology and human resources.

The artwork is a vibrant and dynamic composition that showcases the latest advancements in technology and how they are being integrated into everyday life. The central theme of the artwork is the concept of the "Futurezone," a futuristic world where technology and human resources are seamlessly integrated to create a new era of convenience and comfort.

The illustrative style of Arçelik Futurezone is designed to be eye-catching and engaging, with a gamelike composition that empowers human resources and their contributions to the company's vision of technological improvement. The artwork primarily features a bright red color scheme, which is the color of the Arçelik company logo and represents the company's passion, strength, and energy. The artwork encourages viewers to imagine a future where technology and human resources work together in harmony, creating a world that is both efficient and sustainable.

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