Animation and Illustrations for Google Deconstructor of Fun Event in İstanbul
Status: Completed / 2022
Client: Google, Zenger Agency

Project Team: Oğul Öztunç, Atıl Aggündüz

Project Description
Piknik collaborated with Zenger Agency and Google for their 'Deconstructor of Fun' event that took place in Zorlu Center, İstanbul. Piknik created an illustrative animation portraying the city in a stylistic manner for the opening show. The animation showcases illustrations of buildings, streets, characters of the city, event speakers, and landmarks in a visually engaging composition.

The animation is a testament to Piknik's expertise in visual storytelling, as it successfully highlights the city's unique features while incorporating an element of fun and playfulness in a game-like setting. The animation served as a captivating introduction to the Deconstructors of Fun event and provided attendees with a memorable experience.
Ⓒ Piknik Works 2022