Architectural Design of Istanbul Culture and Arts Foundation Box Office
Client: IKSV Salon
Collaborators: Teğet Mimarlık
Location: Beyoğlu / İstanbul

Status: Completed

Piknik has been tasked to redesign the current box office space of IKSV Salon in collaboration with Teğet Architecture. The box office consists of a  metal cladded box attached to historical Nejat Eczacıbaşı Building and a small space inside of the building partitioned with party walls. The space is very small and there is no room inside of the building to enlarge it according to needs. So, Piknik proposed not to enlarge the space, but to enlarge the functionality of the modest volume of the space with small organizational / architectural gestures like relocation of the door, redesigning the archive and storage units, redesigning the ground arrangements, table and window. This interventions ended up with a more spacious use of the inner space. Other than that, inner claddings and outside apearrence has been changed and redesigned; utilities like neon light and a lighted signpost is added to the box.