Hello. This is Piknik.
Piknik is founded by Oğul Öztunç & Atıl Aggündüz in 2016 and currently comprised of Melodi Gülbaba, Burçe Gökhun and Umut Müezzinoğlu.
Piknik aims to play acrobatics between boundaries of artarchitecture and graphic fields as a practice feeds itself from 21st Century's Creative Mechanics.

Piknik is Electric Blue.

Here is a List of Things That Excite Us:
Using drawing as main medium in order to understand, imagine and tell things. Anything really.

Observing the conditions of contemporary city, learning from it using unexpected methods, and reflecting on it with critical imagination.
Making pictures and graphics that animate powerful moments and atmospheres.
* Articulating a unique space that works like a machine but also has a story to tell.
Exhibiting work and discussing about it.
Coming together with other creatives and playing together

If you are interested in any of those, 
contact us via [piknikworks@gmail.com] 
You ask where we are ?
We work everywhere.
But if you insist on finding us,
We are doing a picnic somewhere around 
instagram: piknik.works
Follow us if you want some good ideas eaten outdoors.