Artwork for Lekoko & Sneaks-Up Collaboration
Status: Finished / 2022
Client: Sneaks-Up
Project Team: Atıl Aggündüz, Oğul Öztunç, Burçe Gökhun

Project Description
"I am still happy, Because..." is a collaborative art project between Piknik Works, Lekoko, and Sneaks-Up Brands. This project portrays the everyday life of a figure through a series of juxtaposed plan views, showcasing the daily activities of a character who is constantly engaged in some activity. The artwork aims to tell the story of an individual who is always on the move, embracing life with a positive outlook and finding happiness in even the smallest moments.

The composition of the artwork uses an energetic blue color scheme, which represents the boundless energy and enthusiasm of the character. The artwork is a vibrant and complex montage of different activities, creating a lively and compelling narrative of the character's life. Each activity is carefully selected to reflect the joys and challenges of everyday life, from the simple pleasures of reading a book or taking a walk to the excitement of traveling or attending a concert.

The project brings together a diverse range of artistic styles and perspectives, resulting in a dynamic and multifaceted artwork. The project celebrates the power of collaboration and the beauty of everyday life, inspiring viewers to find happiness in the present moment and appreciate the richness of their own experiences.

Ⓒ Piknik Works 2022