Graphic Design & Illustration For İstanbul Karasurları Müzesi
Location: Fatih - İstanbul / Türkiye
Client: İ.B.B. Miras
Status: Completed / 2023
Project Team: Atıl Aggündüz, Oğul Öztunç, Burçe Gökhun

Project Description
Piknik collaborated with the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality for a wall illustration project that aimed to showcase the historical and modern significance of Istanbul's old city walls and gates. The axonometric map was designed and drawn by Piknik and included hints about the main historical events related to the walls and their everyday use today.

The illustration showcased the old city walls and gates in a visually appealing and informative manner, highlighting their importance in Istanbul's rich cultural heritage. The project also aimed to emphasize the everyday use of the walls in modern times. The illustration included hints about the recreational activities that take place on and around the walls, such as walking and cycling. By doing so, the project not only highlighted the historical significance of the walls but also their current relevance and importance to Istanbul's citizens.
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