Office No.09
Location: İzmir / Türkiye
Size: 250 sqm.
Status: Under Construction / 2022
Assistant Architects: Oğul Öztunç, Atıl Aggündüz, Burçe Gökhun

Project Description
Bubilet's office interior design by Piknik, which has a big central wooden table designed by Piknik, creates the whole architectural space around it. Located in İzmir, Ege Perla, this office features a unique design that maximizes the use of space and creates a welcoming environment for employees and visitors alike. The wooden table is both practical and visually stunning, making it the perfect centerpiece for the modern office design. The rest of the interior design elements have been carefully selected to complement the wooden table, with muted colors and natural materials used throughout the space. The result is a warm and inviting office environment that inspires creativity and productivity.

The central wooden table designed by Piknik for Bubilet's office in İzmir, Ege Perla is not only a beautiful focal point of the space, but it also serves a multifunctional purpose. Its large size and unique design allow it to function as a workspace, meeting table, and communal gathering spot for employees. The table's placement in the center of the room creates an open and inviting environment that encourages collaboration and communication among team members. Additionally, the table's natural wood finish adds warmth and texture to the space, creating a calming and inspiring work environment. Overall, the table serves as a versatile centerpiece that enhances the functionality and aesthetic of Bubilet's office interior design.
Ⓒ Piknik Works 2022