Performative Drawing no.4
Artwork: Piknik
Location: Jerusalem / Jaffa - Israel
Performance and Exhibition: Jerusalem Design Week - Jerusalem
Further Exhibition: Beahava Gallery / Jaffa - Tel Aviv
Special Thanks: Tal Erez, Anat Safran, Yael Friedman, JDW Organization Team, Hansen House, Paz Galinsky, Sahar Azimi, Lior Levy, Old Jaffa Development Company
As an ongoing project, Performative Drawing intends to bring together the performative act of drawing and visual storytelling in order to animate a transformation in spatiality and aims to discuss storytelling potential of it by directly drawing onto the elements of spaces; walls, windows, floors, ceiling, furniture and objects. Performative Drawing project takes place in different events and exhibitions around the world, aspiring to provoke a speculative arguement melting the border between design and art. In the process Piknik Works members seeks the limits of bodily and mental performance using the performative act of drawing as a tool to find out the relationship between the space and visual storytelling.
The fourth edition of the project: 'Piknik Salon' took place in Jerusalem Design Week 2022 in Hansen House. In this piece, Piknik Works spesifically experimented with a dinner room setup which the team designed and painted everything with white colour in the beginning of the work. Co-founders Oğul Öztunç and Atıl Aggündüz started from scratch, filling up the table and its surroundings with stories, statements, questions and drawings throughout the seven-day process. The content of this work played with the general theme of Design Week: 'Now' and grow out completely spontaneous, taking intuition and inspiration from being human in 21st century culture, everyday life, conversations with visitors and also contributions of other artists-designers exhibiting in the event. As this is a time-based project, all the process is documented for exhibiting alongside the work. After the seven days process, Piknik Team decided to keep the work in Israel and exhibit it in Tel Aviv as it is rooted in this country and it should stay here.
A strong relationship between visual storytelling and spatiality existed througout human history. From cave paintings to 
masterpieces of visual narratives in religious buildings, every culture had this notion as a natural part of culture. At some point in near history, around modernity, this relationship seems to be weakened and storytelling potential of spaces are disregarded. Well, we can see the reasons, but we still want to ask; why not? Taking the challange of experimenting with the non-linear narrative potential of space, we perform with drawing: seeing every spatial element as our canvas. Not eternal but ephemeral, not planned but spontaneous, maybe not holy, but with the energy of ordinary.

 Piknik Works 2022