Send Nudes
Curator & Organizator: Afterwork
Other Artists in the Exhibition: Yasin Arıbuğa, Sude Belkıs, Selin Çınar, Yağmur Güçlü, Asena Doğan, Glennis
Online Exhibition:

Piknik has been invited to the online exhibition organized by Afterwork as a response to idea of producing and exhibiting artwork in isolation caused by the global pandemic in 2020. Being one of the first organizations to achieve an online exhibition, seven artists from different backgrounds participated and thousands of viewers experienced 'Temas'.
Piknik took this opportunity to ask a plethora of questions regarding the current situation, causes of and reactions to it. Another aspect questioned in the project is how can an 'online' experience of art can be shaped in an artificial environment and what potentials does experience of designing and vieweing it in digital world can open up to. As a result, Piknik produced a three dimensional installation consists of questions, slogans, and drawings that forms an artificial spatial environment that can be viewed from different sides. And with each view angle this artwork takes a different shape and reveals different parts of the story.